In a land of mist and ancient lore,
Where rivers sang and eagles soar,
Young hearts beat with a restless flame,
Eager for deeds that earn a name.

Gather ’round, O children dear,
Let me tell you a tale to cheer,
Of days when courage knew no bounds,
And every step brought wondrous sounds.

In a village by the silver sea,
Lived a lad named Tor, wild and free,
With eyes like stars and hair like night,
He yearned for paths beyond his sight.

“Father, tell me of lands afar,
Of mountains high and skies with stars,
Where dragons roam and heroes tread,
Where legends live and dreams are fed.”

His father smiled, his eyes aglow,
“The world is vast, as you shall know,
But to journey forth, brave and true,
One must have the heart of two.”

“A heart of two?” young Tor inquired,
“Yes,” said his sire, with gaze inspired,
“A heart of courage, fierce and bold,
And one of wisdom, calm and old.”

So Tor set forth, with friends in tow,
Through forest deep and peaks of snow,
They faced the beasts of ancient days,
And solved the riddles of hidden ways.

With each new dawn, their spirits soared,
They learned to wield both pen and sword,
For adventures come in many forms,
In peaceful woods or raging storms.

One day they found a cavern vast,
With echoes of a distant past,
There slept a dragon, old and wise,
With emerald scales and gleaming eyes.

“Fear not,” it said, with voice like thunder,
“True adventurers do not plunder,
yet seek out knowledge, deep within,
which lies inside your hearts, my kin.”

The children listened, hearts afire,
With newfound purpose and desire,
They gathered stories, wisdom, lore,
And shared them with the world once more.

Now children, as you hear this tale,
Remember hearts that never fail,
To seek, to learn, to brave the new,
The spirit of adventure calls to you.